I was thrown a question this week by a friend who asked me what the trick was to getting his planned change programme  to seriously stick, he wondered just how he will get his people to really want the new world that he could see clearly.

Now if I was one of those fancy US motivation gurus… I would tell you now that I simply rollled out my killer response, pointed at him, looked over my shades, winked, then walked away.

Sadly this didn’t happen.

My name is Fitz, not Fonzie

What I did, I think, was nod and mumble something like ‘Hmm.. interesting point,  maybe you might just want to … ”  (my inner Geek taking centre stage)

…but as quick as it arrived, the  moment was lost..  a car door opened and a new conversation started… the moment disappearing quicker than an Englishman’s world cup hopes…

But, I want another go at this.

So here goes…



I think The Fonz would have coughed, looked left, looked right, leaned forward and said..


Nothing changes without will.

Nothing wills without wants

Nothing wants without needs..

Want to change something? anything? 

Focus on the needs … just focus on the needs.


Thanks Fonzie, wish I’d said that.


A Team Dream in 10  easy steps..

1. Engage early with those most fearful…tell them your plan, explore their concerns, listen and acknowledge their worry…what do they need to say, let everyone “bring out their dead”. Dead things can’t kill you.  Nothing changes without will.

2.Talk about what isn’t working in the current situation  – its  important  to establish  that the here and now isn’t a cool place to be. Open up  ” go-to thinking” through questions … “What headaches do we have now ? .. “what do we need to do to make it better? Nothing wills without wants 

3. Ask the Group, with what we know, what will happen if we don’t make a change. Let the group answer. Let the group walk around the problem. Let them point at it, let them kick the tyres. Summarise and present back  the burning platform facts and feelings expressed… BE CLEAR, HERE  = FEAR . Nothing wants without needs,

4. Ask for volunteers to work on a future “Go-to” plan.  Volunteers beat pressed men.  Take as many volunteers as you can  – don’t be too quick to trim this group too soon, resist the temptation,  the bigger the group, the more momentum. Momentum builds will. Momentum makes things happen fast.

(The Fonz likes fast things)  focus on the needs 

5. Look in the eye the most fearful or critical…and directly invite them to join the group, you need them – in Debono’s words, “Black Hat” thinkers are often more useful than the most positive of volunteers. Good to know all the barriers that could slow you down before you start planning the work arounds. Engaged “Black Hatters” really know how to navigate minefields. Mines blow up.

(Nothing blows up for the Fonz) ... just focus on the needs. 

6. Coach this group to build a compelling future state – think of this as building Fonzie’s  Hot -Rod – the coolest car out there, something we will all ride in , something that will take us to a place where we will all feel proud, safe and secure. This Hot-rod is the Team Dream.


7. Tell everyone about the Team Dream  – let everyone see it. It needs to spread like a virus. Use the Volunteer group (Black Hats and all) to co-host numerous comms events for wider teams. Not simply as a “show and tell”, rather a “this is what we have built so far, what .. come and join us”. These events should answer the simple question of why we need to change. Why its cool to move. Well communicated Team Dreams  are exciting…all the kids want to be part of it…

(The Fonz knows people like big ideas,  he knows people love dreams, and people love following their dreams.)

8. Define the Big plan – focus on the process milestones / work breakdowns  for the Team dream …but importantly…don’t bother everyone with this information …just ask the smart Geeks to help you, Geeks love details, they will build the engine for you. They will build it better than you. Let them.

9  Focus on the outputs only  for communication for everyone else. Big Picture stuff. The wider group benefits greatly from regularly briefings- but at their own pace. Yes make the plan with the Geeks  in detail, for those that want to see it all , market stall events , notice boards, intranet pages etc…but don’t kill the dream with charts and data…give people the opportunity to control how much they receive and where.  Invite ongoing critique, from all stakeholders

10 Celebrate early milestone achievements and recognise publically all those who are delivering this. Make the Geeks, who powered the engine look cool and take the limelight. They really deserve it.

(The Fonz always celebrates success, he loves a party..)

Early success feeds momentum and gathers more followers until your tipping point is realised and the new ways of working is just – what we do here now.