“If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves”

– Thomas Edison

At 4 Box we directly focus on your performance and capability needs.

Sustainable high performance is never an accident. By its very essence, it cannot be a phenomena, a singular event, or that mysterious period of ‘being in the zone’, it’s simply and logically a planned way of being.

We know high performance and future proof capability is grown and sustained methodically, over time, and its essence, invariably powered by our 4 key dynamics


Sustainable High Performance is agile and fit for purpose – it is ruthlessly focussed on delivering aligned and unambiguous end goals, regardless of the challenges faced.

It is characterised by supreme technical skill, assured through smart processes and (re)energised by consistent empowering leadership behaviour.

If you are unsure about this – for a moment, think back to the best team or organisation you have ever been part of, think what made you and that team great and remember how you and they seemingly delivered more than the sum of your parts.

Now ask yourself, what happened?

If such high performance levels were not sustained – then its likely that there was a significant change in one of our 4 dynamics. Either a change in the market & environment, a failure to adapt and improve or even to keep the key players on the pitch.

Those who have worked with us already know we will help you ensure you create the right performance dynamics that will raise your level, not just for the game, but the entire match.


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