“About half of all hires for senior positions leave within 18 months”

–   Gallup, Workplace 2019

The days of recruiting senior talent on just 2D dimensions (Experience and Skills) are limited.

It simply isn’t smart business to risk or waste your important investment.

At 4BOX, in Executive Recruitment, we have already moved from 2D to a much more holistic 4D approach. You can too.

With unparalleled market experience in multi national leadership roles, recruiting some of the best talent in Europe, our 4BOX Consultants harness the latest in psychometric profiling, (assessing character, ability and managerial judgement) with super smart remuneration analytics to help you and your future talent make smart, more rounded long term decisions.

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At 4BOX we don’t believe in simply filling senior roles…we are obsessed with ‘fitting’ them. 

Unlike many executive search firms, our Talent team isn’t comprised of corporate sales and “people pushers” with very little or even no experience of actually managing talent formally into an organisation.

Instead, we are highly qualified, respected international HR professionals, with proven, real-world track records in recruiting, onboarding and developing senior, high value professionals.

Unlike other headhunters, our work doesn’t stop at a candidate acceptance – we won’t just help you catch the right talent, we will ensure you land this talent exceptionally well.

In short, we know the market, not as “market watchers”, but market practitioners. You can trust us – we really do understand the pressure of getting big recruitment decisions right, as your world, has been ours too.

Our team have lived and understood the importance of searching and expertly “fitting” senior players to senior positions that brings not just the immediate impact of the new arrival, but the best possible match for longer tenure and success in role.

By focussing on “best fit” – our search and insight technology places as much emphasis on the character and logic of the talent match, for all sides , as it does on the traditional limited skills and experience “filling” 2D approach you will have experienced before.

In addition, our in-house Talent programmes are equally fashioned through real-life experience assessing & developing leadership teams across multiple sectors, brands and cultures. We know what does & doesn’t work through first hand experience.

We have decades of industry leading expertise to share in all areas of Talent Management, from smart attraction, retention and development strategies, high impact live succession planning through to innovative and insight led development frameworks which will help you future proof your talent pipeline.

You will quickly discover that our unique experience, thinking, methodology and approach is game changing.

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